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A book has a life of it's own. So many hands have touched it, millions of eyes have seen the printed words, minds have imagined and been in inspired, and the past, present, and future is recorded in it. So please, sometime or anytime, just pick up a book and READ!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Of Mice and Men

This is a book by John Steinbeck and wonderfully written.  A somewhat short story and very fast read. 

Set in the 1930's in the countryside of California two men are looking for farm-hand jobs.  George is short, thin and quick-minded.  Lennie is tall, stocky, and dumb.  Running from problems that happened at a past job, they are hired on at a large ranch miles away.  George has a plan to save the money they earn and buy their own land.  The only thing Lennie can think about is the rabbits he will get to raise.  Always on guard, George tells Lennie to keep his mouth shut, so no one will know he is not of sound mind.  Trouble erupts and chaos explodes by one mistake and a woman with a lingering eye.  A story that is both thrilling and sad will keep you wondering why.

I liked this book particularly because the author kept me engaged in the moment and made me have compassion for the unfortunate and feeble-minded.  Check this classic out at your local library!

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